A Potted History

After promising for a long time to update my site, it has finally started. This is a personal site run as a hobby. Eventually deciding to do more than just cobble pages together in Dreamweaver I decided to study the Open University Certificate in Web Applications Development which is now sadly discontinued. TT280 was the first course in the Certificate. It was a great grounding, going back to basics and coding using notepad again. It also wakes you up to the fact that there are other browsers out there that you have to consider as well. All in all, it was a very good course and a worthwhile investment if you seriously wanted to learn more. After that was TT281. You had to work hard on this one. It covered the client side of development and you had to get up to speed on JavaScript very quickly. If you are interested in getting a formal qualification then visit the Open University Website. If you are not interested in a formal qualification but still enjoy learning, have a look at Future Learn Website.

So what else is there?

I built the site mainly because of my hobbies. Please note, all external links have been coded to open in a new page. I enjoy online gaming, Raspberry Pi and Arduino coding and Amateur Radio. I also enjoy gliding, flying both the real thing and Radio Control. These pages can be viewed using the links in the left-hand column.