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This is a legacy page that will be changing


Battlefield 1942 was a game released by EA games way back in the mists of time in 2002. It is a WWII single player and multi-player game that had two addons released for it as well. The Road to Rome and Secret Weapons of WWII.It is a fun game, but takes ages on some maps to get between points due to the vehicles. If you are looking for a realistic historical game, then this definitely is not for you. If you are a looking for online gaming fun, then give it a try. The whole pack including later games is now available on budget for around 20. Just use your favourite search engine to hunt it down.


Desert Combat Logo This is where I really started having fun. For those of you not in the know, a MOD is a modification to an existing game. This is where a group of enthusiasts get together to make changes and improvements then release the MOD, often free of charge. My first introduction to this was with Desert Combat. Although the original team have now disbanded, it is still freely available from most of the major games related sites. Desert Combat took BF1942 into the fairly modern setting of the first gulf war. It needs the original BF1942 game in order to play it and the demand to play it sent sales of the original game through the roof. It fast became one of the most popular MODs and generated a playing community larger than the original. This was followed by DCF. As by this time, Trauma Studios had been bought by DICE who in turn were bought by EA, they owned the copyright to the name Desert Combat. Because of this DCF had to be released as a further addon. It made even further improvements over DC with a whole new set of maps. It is still popular now and it is easy to find games by using either gamespy (included on the CDs) or by alternative software, such as All Seeing Eye, which is now owned by Yahoo. The benefit of these is that you don't have to be connected to the Internet on a LAN day to run them.

Forgotten Hope

This still remains a favourite of mine. It is still a WWII game but with major re-working above and beyond the dynamics of BF1942. It still remains one of the most popular online WWII MODs for BF and I highly recommend visiting their website to find out more. I can't do it enough justice on this page.

Silent Heroes

This is a Swedish MOD for BF1942 representing a fictional war between Sweden and Norway. There are only a couple of dedicated servers left running now, but they are fun when full. The guys have now created a similar project for World in Conflict

Galactic Conquest

Galactic Conquest Art What more can I say, other than Star Wars came to BF1942. This is a great Sci-Fi MOD and is a genuine reflection on the Star Wars Universe. There are still half a dozen or so servers still running it, but it is just as much fun on a LAN day. If you are really into Star Wars and do not want to have to subscibe to play the online official game, then this is a serious alternative without the hassle of having to complete quests. It's not quite as large as the official universe but you will recognise most of the maps. Also listen out for some music on one of the maps. I'll say no more to spoil the fun.


I just love teams of enthusiasts who have that "what if" attitude, and this was one of them. They went backwards and produced a WWI MOD for BF1942. It is a loving recreation with all of the old vehicles and tanks, combined with trench warfare. It is a great shame that this team has now disbanded, the BF2 version would have been awesome, but the MOD itself is still out there available for download.

Battlefield 2

BF2 was EA Games follow up to BF1942. They used the original team from DC to help with it and it was their modern combat release. Although I do play it occasionally, I've never been able to play it as seriously as DC. There is a lot of things that ruin it for players like me who like just the fun element. The commander mode is far to powerful having control of radar, UAV and the artillery. Some of the MOD teams have been correcting this and it's a great shame that EA don't do the same. There have been addons released such as Special Forces and two others, Euro Force and Armored Fury that can be purchased and downloaded online. EA also released the futuristic BF2142. Watch this space though for an upcoming return to fun from EA. Let's see if it matches the hype. Find out more here Battlefield Heroes.

Desert Conflict

This MOD started with some of the core guys from the old DCF days. They have now coded DCF across to the BF2 engine so that even the BF2 community can continue to play in the sand. Please look at their site link for more information.

21st Century Warfare

This is a tournament site where I first started playing an organised DC campaign back in 2003.They migrated to BF2, (then moved on to Frontlines Fuel of War and have since changed back to BF2 again) but as I said earlier, the MOD team put in a lot of effort moving control of some of the commander features into the hands of other players. As I'm not a great lover of BF2 I only stayed there for two campaigns of it, but they are still a great community and well worth a visit. My Internet Services (MyIS) who run the tournament are growing at a fast pace and so there are other online tournaments available as well. They also hire out servers

Battlefield Command

This is another tournament site consisting of a group of hard core players to wanted to set up a decent tournament for European based players. The servers are based in Europe and the battle times are European so no having to stay up until 5 in the morning lol. If you want a low ping and fun then check out their link.

Thats all for now, visit again soon to check for updates. Meanwhile i'm off to hunt down Marter again. Raider